Street Style

Another project that we were all given during London Fashion Week was a Street Style brief. Our aim was to find unique and interesting examples of ‘Peacocking’ and personal style. Obviously because we were going to LFW we would be amongst loads of well-dressed/weirdly dressed individuals, who would be perfect for us to photograph – and I was really looking forward to this.

However, as I mentioned in my pervious post, I was unable to attend LFW due to illness, so unfortunately I missed out on witnessing/photographing some extremely creative outfit choices. Instead, I simply roamed the streets in my local town, and in London, and managed to find some stylish yet relatable examples of Street Style.

Although I am disappointed that the photographs I attained aren’t as interesting as the images that my peers managed to create, I am still really happy with the outcome. I feel that the styling and accessories seen in the above images are more relatable and generalisable as a ‘current trend’ compared to what the London Fashion Week spectators wore. Therefore, I am pleased!